Chair and Moderator Guidelines

Chair and Moderator Guidelines for Scientific Oral Presentations

  • The Moderator will confirm that each speaker is present before the beginning of the session and ensure that speakers are familiarized with the lectern setting and presentation duration
  • The Moderator announces any modification or changes in the session “sequence of presentation, omitting or canceling….etc”
  • The Chair will call the commencement of the session, introduce themselves and welcome the audience
  • The Chair will introduce the Moderator
  • The Chair will announce the first presentation of the session. The introduction of the following presentations should alternate between the Chair and Moderator
  • The announcement of presentations will include the full title of the presentation and full name of the presenter
  • The Chair ensures that each speaker does not exceed the allocated time
  • The Chair will strictly maintain the assigned presentation time and operate timer warnings i.e. informs speakers that time allocated is about to finish, requests speaker to finish etc
  • Both the Chair and Moderator will initiate discussion following the conclusion of all presentations of the session, selecting an interesting topic from the session to initiate discussion. Both will be actively involved in asking questions and providing comments and should entice thought-provoking and stimulating discussion among the audience and speakers.
  • Both Chair and Moderator will ensure they strictly keep to discussion time as assigned.
  • The Moderator facilitates and eases any difficulties arising i.e. audiovisual problem….etc.
  • The Moderator announces any comments pertaining to the symposium activities
  • The Chair makes the closing remarks of the session